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Francis Waldron
Date of Birth: 8/14/1871
Date of Death: 1/1/1900

Marker Material & Type: Unknown Unknown
Dimensions (H x W x T): 0" x 0" x 0"

Section/Plot/Stone: //
Willow Grove
Record Date:
Marker Orientation: Unknown

Carved Surfaces: Front=N / Back=N / Side=N / Top=N
Carving Technique: Engraved=N / Relief=N / High=N
Decorative Carving Motif: Lettering Only=N / Winged Angel=N / Face=N / Border=N / Urn=N / Other=N
Condition of the Marker:
Condition of the Inscription: Unknown
Inscription/Epitaph/Notes: Death certificate says died of croup. Small stone in the family plot next to his grandparents William and Abigail Waldron. Birth date confirmed by family records. As per Jenifer Ambler

Photo: N/A