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Conover Susan Lavinia
Date of Birth: 10/24/1795
Date of Death: 11/14/1879

Marker Material & Type: Marble Headstone
Dimensions (H x W x T): 40" x 23" x 0"

Section/Plot/Stone: A/12/2
Record Date:
Marker Orientation: Flat

Carved Surfaces: Front=Y / Back=N / Side=N / Top=N
Carving Technique: Engraved=N / Relief=Y / High=N
Decorative Carving Motif: Lettering Only=Y / Winged Angel=N / Face=N / Border=N / Urn=N / Other=N
Condition of the Marker: Sunken Weathered
Condition of the Inscription: Mostly Decipherable
Inscription/Epitaph/Notes: Wife of Peter Conover.

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